About LIS
Lingl LIS USA Office
We are based in Kernersville NC across two locations, main offices & a storage facility. LIS provides a commitment to all our LINGL US customers.
Although we are a small team of people, it is our aim to deliver exceptional quality, competitiveness and customer service. Between our team at LIS we have a great deal of knowledge working within the industry and have an exceptional pool of people employed across our sub companies to backup our commitment as and when required.    
With our exsisting customers great support and past business, we endeavour to maintain and build our sales & service.
Our key people
  1. Mechanical Technician
    Roland Hilmer
    Mechanical Technician
    Roland is site based, providing mechanical support services covering, machine health checks, maintenance servicing & mechanical training instruction. Machinery installation, refurbishment or retro fit projects.
  2. General Manager
    Alex Bauer
    General Manager
  3. Office Administrator
    Eden DePryck
    Office Administrator
    Eden is key to LIS. ensuring all the back ground admin tasks are kept up to date and in order.
Alex has managed various sized Lingl projects for years, from complete plant installations to refurbishment and modification projects.
He takes care about the day to day operations of LIS.
Please contact him regarding spare part inquiries and orders, modifications and technical issues, as well as the resource planning of our service engineers.
• abauer@att.net
• Office: +1 336 992 3787
• Cell: +1 512 293 7447

• Cell: +1 336 655 8689
Sub Companies 
 General location   
Lingl Installation & Service Co.Inc.
522-B Arbor Hill Road
NC 27284

Office phone: +1 (336) 992-3787
Office fax:       +1 (336) 992-3788

LIS location map